Open discussion~When abuse takes place:
1.  Is it ever the victims fault? 
2.  Should the victim forgive, or should the abuser be held accountable even if it exposes the church? 

Cult minded churches blame the victims of physiological, physical, and sexual abuse.  To justify that blame, leadership will cite consent, aggression, rebellion, disobedience to the pastor, etc.    Victims are told to forgive their abuser regardless of the offense. The leadership “picks and chooses” which abuser is held “accountable” based on their status in the church.  Accountability can range from secret counseling to public confession. Tragically, the proper authorities are rarely notified even in the most severe cases where there should be legal consequences such as incest, molestation,  and physical abuse. When authorities do get involved, the church leadership sometimes works with the abuser to help cover up the truth. 


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