Justin grew up in a strict, cult minded church.  The leadership’s authority was unquestioned and the pastor demanded absolute loyalty from his members.  The congregation was taught that as long as they obeyed the pastor – even if he was wrong – that they would be protected from evil and blessed by God.  Wives were told to submit to the Pastor instead of their husbands, and children were taught to obey the Pastor over their parents.  Church members, especially children, were forbidden to engage in any worldly activities such as dating and movies and were forced to follow strict standards of “holiness”.  In this sheltered environment, some of the most tragic situations happened that destroyed lives.  Physical and psychological abuse was not only tolerated but encouraged.  Sexual abuse was covered up.  Infidelity was commonplace and seemed to plague the church.  “Sheltered But Not Protected” is the true story of Justin’s experience growing up in this environment, the tragic situations that he and other members were subjected to, and his 20 year long journey to find forgiveness and healing.